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Design Tips

Use Postcards To Create Event Invitation

Postcards are a personalized, economical way to invite people to church events. Even if you don’t mail the postcards, it’s easy for members to hand them out to friends, neighbors, and co-workers. On the front, simply place clip-art and a…

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Vary Image Sizes To Guide Readers

A previous “Design Tips” introduced a newsletter remake, showing how the publication’s nameplate has progressed throughout the years. Another improvement our designer made involves varying the size of the artwork on the pages. When images are all about the same…

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Choose paper wisely when printing photos

General, multi-use office stock works well for … multiple uses. It’s not the best choice for printing photos, however. Standard office stock has a matte (or uncoated) finish, while photos stand out better when reproduced on a glossy (or coated)…

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See how a nameplate improves over time

A newsletter editor at a South Carolina church requested ideas for freshening up the publication, which we redesigned more than 10 years ago. These front pages show how the newsletter’s “look” has progressed over time: For the latest remake, our…

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Q&A: Which font style belongs where?

Question: I’ve heard about serif and sans serif fonts. Is there a best place to use each style, and why? Answer: The little “hooks” extending from a letter’s main strokes are what distinguish serif fonts from sans serif fonts. “Sans” means without,…

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