Month: June 2018

How To Tip

How To Unbox Your Boxed-in Text

By ChurchArt Team | June 20, 2018

When a layout is filled with boxes, the design has a “closed off” feel. But it’s easy to set your pages free! We addressed this in a previous “Design Tips” post called “Learn the proper use of boxes, screens and rule lines.“ Below, learn how to make an outlined text box less “boxy.” The unboxed…

Art Tip

Q&A: Adding drop shadows to make images “pop”

By ChurchArt Team | June 11, 2018

Question: How can I make an image seem to lift off the page? Answer: Drop shadows are graphic shadings that appear to be cast by an object on the page. You can add “depth” by using drop shadows on text, images, photographs and text boxes. Most word-processing and layout programs have functions for adding basic drop…