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Art Tips

Use Grids And Frames To Showcase Images

Whether you’re showcasing pictures of the youth group, a recent bake sale or highlights from a mission trip, aligning images or using frames can present a more professional look. Although, let’s be honest: Adding any pictures of delicious desserts is…

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Use Fonts To Create Feelings

Would you believe us if we said fonts have feelings too? Sans-serif fonts with rounded edges express happy, friendly emotions, while sans-serif fonts with hard edges come across as solid and strong. Serif fonts (those with small hooks or lines…

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Use photos to create text-friendly PowerPoint slides

The online library at contains a wide variety of PowerPoint slides featuring transparent areas. That way text stands out, yet some of the image still shows through. These slides are ideal for worship services, meetings and presentations because they grab people’s…

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Q&A: Adding drop shadows to make images “pop”

Question: How can I make an image seem to lift off the page? Answer: Drop shadows are graphic shadings that appear to be cast by an object on the page. You can add “depth” by using drop shadows on text, images,…

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Dare to GO BIG!

When you want to apply some scale or emphasis, don’t be afraid to go a little larger! The examples below use “large scale” on key words to add more emphasis and create a dramatic effect. To enhance these features even…

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