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Backpack Blessing Back To School Tags

Backpack Blessings + 1 Free Backpack Tag Template

By ChurchArt Team | July 18, 2024

As a new school year nears, your church and children’s ministry have valuable opportunities to connect with kids and families. One easy yet effective way to reach out to students in the congregation and community is with backpack blessing tags. Handing out a free, colorful backpack tag for back to school is a powerful reminder…

Using Qr Codes To Promote Church Events

Using QR Codes to Promote Your Church Event

By ChurchArt Team | July 11, 2024

Thanks to digital innovations, churches now have many creative ways to engage with congregants and the broader community. Using QR codes is a powerful tool for enhancing your publicity and outreach efforts.   First, let’s look at what a QR code is and how to use a QR code generator. Then we’ll explore various uses for…

4538 Cal Blog Social Media Hero Image

The Power of Social Media for Your Church 

By ChurchArt Team | April 19, 2024

The use of social media in church communication has become increasingly important in today’s world. Many have recognized the power of social media for the church, using these platforms to connect with their congregation by sharing their message and ministry, highlighting a church event, and reaching out to the community as a whole. However, for…

Designing Your Back Page Of Your Church Newsletter

Designing a newsletter’s back page

By ChurchArt Team | February 8, 2024

The front page and back page of your church newsletter are prime real estate because those are the pages that most people see first. In magazines, the back cover is often the most expensive ad space. The back pages of many newsletters have a mailing panel on the top half and other information on the…

Designing Special Issue Church Newsletters with Templates

Designing Special Issue Newsletters

By ChurchArt Team | February 6, 2024

For most designers and editors, newsletter templates are a familiar, handy tool of the trade. As a church newsletter professional or volunteer, you likely already use a customized document for your publication’s front page, back page, left- and right-hand pages, calendar page, and so on. The same is probably true for your church bulletin and…

2024 Printable calendar for churches

Free Printable 2024 Church Calendar

By ChurchArt Team | October 20, 2023

As the new year approaches, it’s time (no pun intended) to sit down and get your 2024 yearly calendar ready — both for your desk and for your congregation. With church staff and members alike, we’d all be lost without a 2024 monthly calendar. Christmas is an easy day to remember but when does Advent…