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Use Font To Create Feelings

Use Fonts To Create Feelings

Would you believe us if we said fonts have feelings too? Sans-serif fonts that have rounded strokes express happy, friendly emotions, while sans-serif fonts that have hard edges come across…

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Design Tip

Vary Image Sizes To Guide Readers

A previous “Design Tips” introduced a newsletter remake, showing how the publication’s nameplate has progressed throughout the years. Another improvement our designer made involves varying the size of the artwork…

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Excellent Job

Offer Quick Kudos to Church Members and Staff

Caption-editable clip-art provides an easy way to celebrate, congratulate and appreciate people. These bright ribbons, for example, let you call out and honor individuals or groups. Add text using your…

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How To Color Match In Microsoft Publisher

Choose colors to match your artwork in Microsoft Publisher

In a past post, we explored how to spruc up your color palette for spring. To use specific colors that match an image from, follow these steps in Microsoft Publisher:…

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Choose Paper Wisely When Printing Photos Newsletter

Choose paper wisely when printing photos

General, multi-use office stock works well for … multiple uses. It’s not the best choice for printing photos, however. Standard office stock has a matte (or uncoated) finish, while photos…

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Use Photos To Create Text Friendly Powerpoint Slides

Use photos to create text-friendly PowerPoint slides

The online library at contains a wide variety of PowerPoint slides featuring transparent areas. That way text stands out, yet some of the image still shows through. These slides are ideal…

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How To Add Text To Videos In Microsoft Powerpoint

Add text to videos in PowerPoint

In a past post we explained how to add text to blank motion videos using video-editing software. You can easily add text to videos that are in a PowerPoint presentation.…

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Question And Answer Session

Q&A: Display your Church Mission Statement

Question: Do you have suggestions or samples for printing and framing my church’s mission and vision statements? Answer: Displaying these statements is a great idea! We’ve created two templates — formal-looking and…

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How To Tip

Q&A: Adding text to blank motion videos

Question: The motion videos on your site are very handy; can I change the text on them? Answer: Although you can’t make changes to videos that already contain text, you can add…

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Design Tip

See how a nameplate improves over time

A newsletter editor at a South Carolina church requested ideas for freshening up the publication, which we redesigned more than 10 years ago. These front pages show how the newsletter’s…

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