Using Qr Codes To Promote Church Events

Using QR Codes to Promote Your Church Event

Thanks to digital innovations, churches now have many creative ways to engage with congregants and the broader community. Using QR codes is a powerful tool for enhancing your publicity and outreach efforts.  

First, let’s look at what a QR code is and how to use a QR code generator. Then we’ll explore various uses for QR codes in a ministry setting, plus best practices for effective church communications. 

A Quick Look at the QR Code 

QR stands for Quick Response. A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that people can scan using a smartphone camera. The small square of black-and-white boxes essentially serves as technical storage. The code contains relevant information such as a URL, text, or other data that users can quickly access.  

You’ve probably seen QR codes on ads, in stores, and even on TV screens. Because a unique QR code is convenient and versatile, it’s an excellent choice for promotional material and event planning. 

QR Code Fundraising Event Example
Fundraising Event Flyer with QR Code

How to Generate a QR Code 

Don’t feel intimidated by QR codes! Generating these handy digital tools is a snap. Here’s a step-by-step guide for beginners: 

  1. Choose a QR code generator. You can find a free QR code generator online. Popular options include QR Code Generator (, QRStuff (, and QRCode Monkey (  
  1. Select your preferred type of QR code. Decide what you want this QR code to do. For example, you might want to link to a webpage, display text about a ministry event, or direct users to a social media page. 
  1. Enter the required information. If you’re linking to a church website, enter the URL. For text, type the message you want to convey. 
  1. Customize your QR code. Some generators allow you to customize the design of each code. You can change the color or add a logo, for example. You might even want to adjust the code’s shape to fit the branding of your church or nonprofit organization. 
  1. Generate and download. After entering all the required fields and customizing the design (if desired), click the Generate button. Then download the unique QR code image and save it to your computer. Now you’re ready to include the code in your church’s marketing materials! 

QR Code Usage in Church Settings 

QR codes can serve your church in many practical ways. For starters, check out these five ideas: 

  1. Event information and promotions. Use QR codes on flyers, posters, newsletters and other printed materials. That provides quick access to details about an upcoming event. For example, your QR code can link to an online event registration form for a retreat or community service project. To find professionally designed flyer templates to help promote your church events, check out the selection available at ChurchArt Online.
  1. Sermon notes and worship resources. Enhance worshipers’ experience with QR codes that link to sermon notes, Scripture passages, or digital content. These types of additional information are especially helpful for the person who prefers to follow along on a device.
  1. Social media engagement. Want to encourage church members to connect with the congregation on social media? Then link QR codes to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles. This can boost your church’s online presence, foster engagement, and build community. Pro Tip: Publicizing exclusive content via a QR code is especially effective for youth ministry. Most kids are tech-savvy and prefer virtual reminders rather than print announcements. Read more about the power of social media and how it can provide a unique opportunity to engage with your congregation.
  1. Volunteer sign-ups. Streamline the sign-up process by using an event QR code that links to online forms. This works great during worship services or church ministry events. Interested attendees can quickly scan a code and sign up on the spot. 
  1. Donations and fundraising. Simplify offerings by linking a QR code directly to your church’s online giving platform. Place the code in the Sunday bulletin, on the back of pews, and on the church website. That makes it easy for supporters — and even visitors — to contribute. 

Best Practices for Using QR Codes to Promote Your Church Events 

QR codes are certainly versatile. But for maximum impact, you’ll need to use them wisely. Follow these tips to make the most of QR codes in your ministry. 


  1. Make the code easy to scan. Ensure that your QR code is large enough to scan easily. Place it in an uncluttered area that’s easy for users to access. 
  1. Provide context. Inform people what they’ll get by scanning the QR code. A simple call to action such as “Scan here to make a donation” works well. 
  1. Test before publishing. Always test your QR code on multiple devices. Ensure that it works correctly and that it links to the intended content. 
  1. Track usage. Use a QR code generator that provides analytics. Then you can track how many times each code gets scanned. Like using direct mail, this lets you gauge the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. 
  1. Update regularly. If you use QR codes for time-sensitive information, keep the linked content current for viewers. 


  1. Don’t link to large files. Those could take a long time to download, especially on mobile data. Instead, use links that go to optimized web pages or documents. 
  1. Don’t overuse it. Too many QR codes in a single piece of material can appear overwhelming. So, choose the most important links to feature. Then add any related posts elsewhere, such as on the church’s social media accounts. 
  1. Don’t make scanning a challenge. It’s difficult to scan QR codes from digital screens or reflective surfaces. Place them on solid backgrounds, and make sure they print clearly. 
  1. Don’t use QR codes in an email or social media post. Reserve them for printed materials instead. 
  1. Don’t assume that everyone knows about QR codes. Although these codes are now quite popular, not everyone is familiar with them — or with how to use them. Provide brief instructions for church members, guests, and readers. 

Using a QR code is an effective way to ramp up your church’s promotional and engagement efforts. By following these guidelines, you can incorporate QR codes into your ministry and outreach. This high-tech tool makes it easier for the congregation and community to connect, donate, and participate in activities. 

Just remember to make QR codes accessible, clear, accurate and relevant to your audience. With strategic use, QR codes can help your church reach out in new and meaningful ways. Embrace this technology and watch it transform your communication and publicity efforts! 

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