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Learn The Proper Use Of Boxes, Screens And Rule Lines

We all like to box things in, or keep them separate from one another. Boxes, screens and rule lines can add visual balance to a page and help organize it.

But used too often, these “dividers” can clutter a page, confuse readers and even form barriers that unintentionally separate copy that belongs together.

Below is a layout with too many boxes, as well as a makeover that shows how eliminating some of them restores balance on the page.

Learn The Proper Use Of Boxes Screens And Rule Lines Samples

If you feel the need to box in an article for organization, try one of these ideas instead:

  • Use a thin rule line above, below or beside the text instead of boxing it in all the way.
  • Make headlines a bit bigger to help differentiate between articles.
  • Add white space to air things out. You may need to cut or shorten a sentence or two, but the results will be worth it.

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