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Mailing Tabs do more than just seal your mailings.

We all know that wafer seals and other mailing tabsare great for sealing and mailing your church’s newsletter. Not only do they comply with the United States Postal Service’s latest guidelines for postage automation, but these mailing tabs make distributing your paper newsletters easier, less expensive, and look more professional and attractive.

But did you know that our customers do more with these mailing tabs than just hold their church paper newsletter together during mailing?

Below are a few of our most favorite, creative ways that our customers have used extra mailing tabs laying around the church office in craft activities and as organizational tools in their church or home.

Attendance Caterpillar

Sunday School Attendance Awards

Create a caterpillar head for each Sunday school or VBS student. Then, every week let each child place a Wafer Seal on the body of his or her caterpillar to show attendance.

It’s a fun way to reward attendance. And the kids will love to watch their caterpillar grow!

Passport Stamps for Vacation Bible School

Journey of Paul Craft

“In VBS we covered the Journey of Paul. Each child created a passport, and then every day we handed out stamps of the locations they had visited that day with Paul.”

“The stamps were easy to create and print using 2 Inch Round Mailing Seals. Some parents created passports, so they could get stamps too!”


Bake Sale Labels

Bake Sale Labels

“Create your own bake sale labels—especially items like cookies or cupcakes that are hard to tell what they are. Everyone always comments on how professional they look. They’re also great to create food allergy warning labels.”


Freezer Meal Labels

Freezer Meal Labels

“I use the printable mailing stickers to label meals for my homebound father. He likes that he can easily see the contents of each meal with the re-heating instructions. With a quick glance, I can also quickly take inventory of what is in his freezer.”


 Medicine Bottle Labels

Bottle Labels

“I use the Wafer Seals to label my mother’s medicine bottles. I put a sticker on the top of the bottle with the name of the medicine and the dosage she takes so I don’t have to pick up each bottle to read it. If my dad must change her medicine, it ensures that he grabs the right bottle.”


Garage or Yard Sale Price Labels

Yard Sale Price Stickers

“We use different color wafer seals as a quick way to price our items! We set up signs throughout with pricing charts, then just go around and stick the different colors on different items. It’s quick and easy!

For larger priced items, we just write the price on the classic white seals.”


Do you have another way that you like to use your wafer seals? Let us know! We love hearing all the new and unique ways church staff uses everyday church items in new and fun ways!

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