Free 2021 Calendar Printable Template

2021 Printable Calendar for Churches

Has this year felt like one of the longest ever? Well, it’s time to start planning (as best we can) for 2021!

As church leaders, administrators, and team members, our days get long and busy with meetings, activities, planning, and events. And that’s just for the Church!

Sometimes staying organized is a struggle. To help keep you organized and inspired during the months ahead, download this calendar today.

Enjoy this FREE 2021 printable calendar

This calendar is already complete with 2021 Federal Holidays and observances, plus a few extra Christian holidays, making it perfect for churches.

Each month features a watercolor month image and is formatted to fit on an 8 x 11″ sheet of paper in landscape mode.

Click on the PDF download to easily print all twelve 2021 months without making any changes.

Click on the Microsoft Word DOCX file to download the editable template to edit it before you print with your to-dos, reoccurring meetings, reminders and deadlines.

2021 Printable Calendar Preview

Click on the links below to download for FREE:
2021 Printable Calendar PDF
2021 Printable Calendar Template DOCX

Rejoicing and praying with you as we see what the rest of 2020 offers!

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